How to become a member of Primus Collegium?
You will automatically become a member once you start studying at TLU in Helsinki

How can I become a board member of Primus Collegium?
The board of Primus Collegium is established in the statutory board meeting for the autumn semester. The application for each position will be published 1 month before the statutory board meeting. Information about the open positions will be published on Primus Collegium website, Facebook, Instagram and each classes WhatsApp group chat. Each board member will be chosen by a vote. Primus Collegium may, if needed, recruit additional board members in the statutory board meeting for the spring semester.

How can I be involved in Primus Collegium?
The board members of Primus Collegium may recruit directors for specific events if needed. Also one may apply to become a tutor.

How to become a tutor?
Tutors are recruited during summer and they will help the freshmen during their freshmen year. Information about application will be posted on Primus Collegium’s Website, Facebook, Instagram and each classes WhatsApp group chat.

Being a tutor means helping the freshmen getting familiar with the campus, the university studies and school library and such. Also the tutors are active in Primus Collegium’s event, especially during the freshmen week.

What to do if I have study related issue?
1) Check out the course card for additional information
2) Contact your professor/lecturer during class or via e-mail
3) Contact the Study Counselor (maarja-liis.viljak@tlu.ee)
4) Contact the Head of Studies (tuuli.oder@tlu.ee)

What student discounts are available for Primus students and how to get them?
Primus students are able to utilize the following student benefits: ISIC, VR, HSL & Slice. You can find more information concerning the student discounts by following the links: