All members of Primus Collegium have the right to wear academic ribbons at the Annual Ball or other academic events and by wearing the academic ribbon, the members of Primus Collegium represent unity and the association. The right to wear the academic ribbon is for life.

Subject Association Ribbon

Board Ribbon

Toastmaster Ribbon

To this day, Primus Collegium ry has launched three academic ribbons. The subject association ribbon (launched in 2019) has the colors of bologna red and gold, which represent our subject association. The board ribbon (launched in 2021) is black and white, which represents the board colors. The toastmaster’s ribbon (launched in 2021) is fully black.

The practice of Primus Collegium is that more than one academic ribbon may be worn simultaneously as long as the subject association ribbon is worn on top.

How to wear the ribbon?

With an evening gown, the ribbon is worn as a rosette. The rosette should be placed on the left side of the chest so that it does not touch bare skin. The ribbon is folded in two folding layers according to the instructions below.

With white tie, the ribbon is worn as a sash. The sash is worn from the right shoulder crossing the chest to the left hip. With a tailcoat, the ribbon is worn under the vest, and with a dark suit, the sash is worn over the vest and tie.

The ribbon is folded by making a 3 cm folding to the left.

Make a 3 cm folding to the right. This creates the top layer of the rosette.

The bottom layer of the rosette is made by folding a 1,5 cm longer layer to each side of the top layer.

The middle part of the rosette is made by turning the rosette upside down so that you are facing the bottom layer. Fold the ribbon at the middle point of the lower layer upwards.

Fold the ribbon downwards on the front side and sew the end on the backside of the ribbon.

Finished result!